Starting Anew

May 8, 2016

I’ve been gone a long time. . . and I have really hated how much I’ve dropped the ball on this blog and on being creative in general. However, I do have some very good excuses. The first one being that I got Married!! Yes, it was planned quickly, no there wasn’t a reason why other that we wanted to be together forever, very badly♥ 

Kurtis (My husband) is my best friend and we both wanted a simplistic rustic wedding, so we planned a wedding on my Grandma and Grandpas land, it was filled with love, family, friends, color, tents and cake. . .


IMG_2831 copy














I understand why some people like big formal beautiful weddings, I just can’t for myself. I like small and intimate, I hate feeling like I will never get around to chatting with everyone if I invite them. I made a small pumpkin cake and my friends Maggie and Anne were kind enough to make desserts for a dessert table. Cheesecake, pie and cookies. My cousin Sara officiated the wedding and our close friend Jason who caters locally was kind enough to handle our little  event. Everyone was marvelous! 


Fast forward a few months. . . three months to be exact, and Kurtis and I got some very life changing news. Enter: Kerrick Whitney McCurdy




He makes my heart melt every single day, and as most new moms know or learn rather quickly, nothing means more than making sure your little person is well taken care of and thats what I have been doing over the last few months. I have often thought of posting and updating what has been going on, but life has always gotten the better of me and here we are, months later with an adorable little baby who is 8 months old and I couldn’t be happier♥

Here is to new beginnings, something really made me want to retouch and edit the logo and I have come up with something very fun and I think it definitely is a great place to kick off. See you guys all soon and we can share new recipes together!


Sunshine Baking


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